Why Visit Asia? 17 Reasons to Travel in Asia

There are many benefits to traveling and exploring new places. These days it’s hard to get outside even if we stay close to home. But things will return to normal soon. And if you have never been here, Asia is a wonderful and diverse region to visit.

Here are seventeen reasons why tourism in Asia is great.

Why Travel in Asia? There Are Many Reasons…


Tourism in Asia - Sky


Affordability and Budget-Friendliness

OK, I picked this as the first one because cost and affordability will have a lot to do with almost every other thing you choose to do on your trip (no matter where in the world you go). Now, some Asian cities are among the most expensive in the world, but there are many other places that a solo traveler can have an incredible adventure for as little as US$35, and couples for just US$50.

As with any place, it’s best to set a budget and keep to it. And if you plan well and stick to local foods and fun you can definitely enjoy Asia on a budget. Of course, different countries will bring different costs. You also don’t have to always keep spending to the bare bones. If you plan carefully, the money you save in some places can allow some little luxuries in other places.


Easy Access & Transportation

Easy Transportation in Asia - Sky Over HK

Whether considering the many airport hubs around the region, each with easy and affordable local flights to nearby cities, or the many forms of ground transportation common to many cities and countries, Asia might offer more ways to get around than anywhere else in the world. And don’t forget the various ferry or boat options that are often the best or only way to get around in some places.

Best of all, the rates for getting from where you are to where you want to be are usually super cheap! Along with the many private transport services, public transportation in Asia is both affordable and also a great way to explore and meet the locals.


Warm & Friendly People

The next reason to travel in Asia is the people. Many might list this as the #1 reason, because the local people in many places are truly the best part of the experience. When you get further away from the cities you can really see how warm and friendly they can be. They might be this way because they have lots of practice living with others, since 60% of the global population is in Asia.

You will quickly learn that this friendliness is contagious. Be sure to have those basic essential words in the local language and make an effort to communicate with respect and patience. And when all else fails, share a smile and you will usually get one in return.


Delicious Food & Local Asian Cuisine

Indonesian Food Bali

Traveling through Asia is really a multi-sensory experience. No matter where you travel, food makes the experience come to life. The best way to have the food travel experience is to eat with the locals where the locals eat.

Often you will encounter things you have never tried and maybe things you never thought you could eat. But these things are usually a part of the local cuisine and have been consumed by the locals for hundreds or thousands of years. Give it a go! Your taste experience will be a big part of the memories you carry around for the rest of your life.


Feast for the Senses

We have already talked about food and the amazing tastes found in Asia, but let’s not forget all the other senses. A closely related and very important one is smell. There are some amazing and surprising aromas.

Of course there are also gorgeous views and marvelous sights to set your eyes on. And there are even wonderful and unusual sounds and music to immerse yourself in. So get outside and seek new spaces and situations. Your senses will thank you.


Amazing Shopping & Markets

Love Anchor Market Maju
Love Anchor Market in Bali with Fabulous Maju and Friends

If you read my other posts you know that I love a bargain. But that also means I love to shop! And there are so many great places and ways to shop in Asia. Cities like Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo have high-end, boutique stores. Of course, these are not the places to go to find great buys at low prices.

For the best bargain hunting look to the side streets and back alleys, away from the tourist streets. And the best prices and selection of clothes and textiles, electronics, household goods and souvenirs, and of course fresh food and produce can be found at the local markets. These neighborhood markets can generally be found in every Asian country. Don’t forget, the key to bargain shopping in the markets is negotiation. Don’t be afraid to haggle!


Bustling Cities & Nightlife

The cities in Asia are amazing and more varied than anywhere else in the world. Here you will find towering skyscrapers, crowded sidewalks and markets, and fast-paced action everywhere. There are also older neighborhoods and amazing history. Like any city there are also local people struggling and hustling with their daily life but making friends with locals is the best way to discover the cool places in town.

There are also risks and dangers as well, and these risky bits happen more at night. But night time is also when some of the most fun can be found. And, if you like that sort of thing, the many bars and clubs in Asian cities are among the best in the world.


Holidays & Festivals

Halloween LKF AJ

The festivals and holidays in Asia vary even more than the architecture. No matter where you travel in the region you are bound to find some colorful festival or local holiday.

Some of these are religious or originate with religious beliefs but have become a general part of the culture. Other holidays are related to local or recent history and have certain traditions attached to them. It’s usually a great way to see how the locals live but sometimes holidays can have a significant impact on travel plans and businesses schedules, so best to prepare.


Famous Asian Architecture

With such a long and varied history, and its many fast-growing cities, Asia has incredible architecture and urban environments. The religious history of the different countries has had a major impact on this, but cultural traditions also contribute to unique design details.

Petronas Towers KL - AJIn many places one can see the role of colonial influence on Asian architecture history. While there was a dark side to the colonial years, the buildings and aesthetics are preserved as an important part of the wonderful cultural mix. Some of the most famous Asian architecture are true historical landmarks…


History & Asian Landmarks

Among many things, Asia is known for ancient civilizations and important historical locations. Some of their stories are fascinating while others are tragic. Whether by social and political transition, or cultural and even environmental trends, many countries of Asia continue to evolve and grow.

In some countries history is unfolding even now, as people and communities take initiative and seek to improve their lives. It’s possible that the places you visit today are the historical landmarks of tomorrow.


Gorgeous Gardens

Bali Tirta Gangga Royal Garden- AJThere is a huge variety of gardens, green spaces and botanical centers throughout Asia. Singapore is famous for its Botanic Garden, filled with lush foliage common to tropical South East Asia and elsewhere.

Many of these serene oases are in the heart of busy cities, which allows you to take quick nature breaks in between city activities. Hong Kong Park offers beautifully designed gardens and includes a world-class aviary that has both rare plants and flowers and a large array of bird species.


Beaches & Tropical Islands

Asia has a huge variety of incredible beaches and islands. When considering vacation time on a beach or tropical island you definitely have great choices, whether in the far south around Australia all the way up into North Asia.

The type of beach and community experience varies as well. Many places offer quiet and secluded spots with clear water and clean sand. Others offer lively seaside towns with sunshine and nearby nightlife. Whatever your preference, Asia has something for you.


Picturesque Landscapes in Asia

Mt. Butler Tai Tam HKThe really amazing places can be found when you get outside the cities. Some of the most astounding Asian landmarks are stunning natural sites. Oftentimes it is fairly easy to reach and in other cases these are very remote natural treasures.

Whatever type of environment you desire, snowy peaks with crisp, cold air to hot and balmy tropical heat, there’s a feel for everyone. From mountain tops and volcanic hot spots, to deep forests and jungles, to snorkeling and reef diving in the sea, Asia has it all!


Weather for All

This might seem like an odd feature to highlight, but the sheer range of climate types and temperature ranges is definitely a great reason to come to Asia. In the tropical and subtropical regions the seasons vary between wet and dry with spikes in heat and rainy periods along the way.

But at the extremes Asia offers all sorts of different environments, from cold and snowy wonderlands to cool, windy mountain tops. If you are a traveler that like to get out into nature and have an adventure then it’s all here.


Hiking & Trekking

Hiking Trail HK - AJI love hiking, climbing and exploring the outdoors. And there are so many options in Asia. Some amazing trails and serious trekking can be found right convenient to big cities or reachable by mass transit. But some of the greatest hiking and climbing in the world can be found throughout the region. One option that is a serious climb but still doable for beginners is Mount Fuji in Japan.

But for simple day hikes, I love Hong Kong. You can check out some of my favorite excellent and easy HK day hikes here. Another great option if you are visiting Taiwan is Elephant Mountain in Taipei. Bali has some easy to reach and beautiful hikes too; the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces is just one. But Asia offers hardcore trekking as well. The big bad is Mount Everest but Malaysia, Bhutan and sweet home, Indonesia are just a few other places to find amazing hiking. On my bucket list is Mount Bromo and then Mount Rinjani, both volcanoes.


Natural Wildlife & Reserves

Asia has incredibly diverse and abundant natural treasures. Some estimate that almost a quarter of the entire geographic expanse is a protected area or nature preserve. Whether you seek rare or unusual flora or fascinating and rare animal species, there are unique ecosystems and wildlife safaris available throughout Asia.

Photography buffs and naturists are sure to find an abundance of options in the region. Even if you don’t want to head out into the jungle and wilderness there are great zoos and aquariums that highlight local natural features. The Singapore Zoo is one that does it right, and in a caring way. Hong Kong Ocean Park highlights sea life in North Asia and around the region.


Asia Adventures & Experiences

Snorkeling Bali - AJIt is hard not to have an adventure when going to Asia. It’s really an adventure in itself. And Asia is massive in size and variety. Whether far to the north or deep South Asia and everywhere in the middle, you are bound to see something that excites or surprises you.

Some destinations like Bali, in my home country of Indonesia, have many activities available in close proximity. But thrill seekers will find some of the best diving, paragliding, trekking and mountain climbing throughout Asia. You can even enjoy live volcanoes up close and personal. Asia is hot!