Must-See Singapore: Great Things To Do In The Lion City

Singapore is a small island city-state but with many must-see attractions, both natural and man-made. With so many great things to do here, spending time in Singapore is a must for anyone planning to travel in the region. It truly is an answer to the question why visit Asia?

Must-See Singapore - AJ Tobing - Merlion Park Skypark Singapore Flyer

Must-See Singapore Short List

I’ve visited Singapore multiple times and it really has it all. There’s amazing views and natural beauty, local culture and history, fun and exciting activities or, with the year-around warm weather, great ways to just relax and unwind.

Here’s a quick list of things to do in Singapore:

Visit Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

Ride the Singapore Flyer

Must-See Singapore By Bus

Explore the National Orchid Garden

Sentosa Island By Cable Car

Visit Underwater World at Sentosa

Food and Fun at Clarke Quay

Singapore For Fitness Lovers


Visit Marina Bay Sands Skypark

OK, let’s start with the obvious one. The Marina Bay Sands Casino is not just about gambling, and has lots of shops, restaurants, and entertainment on offer. You can also do it without spending much money at all. The Marina Bay Sands has two main attractions: the casino and the SkyPark. The casino and hotel is not a cheap place to visit, and really geared towards those interested in gambling. The SkyPark however is free to visit and offers breathtaking views of Singapore.

Things To Do - Marina Bay Sands Skypark

The Sands Skypark is a rooftop area with a pool, restaurants and bars. None of these are as impressive as the amazing aerial views of Singapore. There is usually plenty of seating so you can relax and enjoy your drink while taking in the amazing views of Singapore’s skyline. The rooftop bar is open from 10am to midnight daily (except for public holidays).

Must-See Singapore-Skypark-View
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Sands SkyPark has several other restaurants including: Poolside Bar & Grill and Cornerstone Bar & Grill, both of which serve burgers and sandwiches to seafood and steak and lots in between. The Cafe Terrace serves Western dishes like pasta, etc and Via Mare Seafood Bar & Grill offers more upscale delicacies.


Ride the Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is a giant Ferris wheel, built in 2008, with an observation deck at 165 meters (541 feet) high, for less than $10 per person. It is considered the world’s tallest observation wheel. Located in the Marina Bay area of Singapore, near the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, it is certainly one of Singapore’s major tourist attractions. The ride lasts for 23 minutes, and it has impressive views of the city. And if you’re feeling brave you can take a ride at night, on the special Friday, Saturday and Sunday night-time rides.


Must-See Singapore By Bus

Sightseeing bus tours are a great way to see the city fast. For as little as $2 you can take a Singapore bus tour around the city and learn about Singapore’s history and culture in comfort.

When you have limited time, taking a sightseeing bus tour can be a great option. They are convenient and often a lot of fun! The tours are usually guided all the way through with information about all of the different sites.

Singapore - Hop On Bus Tour

They are also informative, and usually well planned out, giving opportunities to get off the bus and check things out along the way. You can see many different parts of Singapore and learn about them all in one day. Some visiting friends of mine said the guide and driver were both very friendly and helpful, and highly recommend trying a tour bus!


Explore the National Orchid Garden

The National Orchid Garden is part of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It is home to over 10,000 orchids. Visitors can stroll through this beautiful garden and admire the many different types of exotic and native orchids. You can also learn about the orchid plant and how to care for them at home. It has a $15 SGD entrance fee for travelers ($5 for locals).

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is itself an amazing place to visit and unwind as you learn and enjoy living treasures from around the world. It’s only a 5 minute walk from Orchard Road so it makes for a nice way to relax during a day of shopping.


Sentosa Island By Cable Car

The cable car ride to Sentosa Island costs less than $2 round trip per person, which makes it a great value (for a really great time). If you are looking for a fun day out, the cable car ride to Sentosa Island is the perfect choice.

Singapore Things To Do - Sentosa Island By Cable Car

The cable car is located at Siloso Point (reachable via the Singapore MRT Circle Line or North East Line), and takes you to the top of Mount Faber. Once you arrive, there are many interesting attractions for your enjoyment. Sentosa Island is home to Universal Studios Singapore, so there is plenty of fun to be found there (for a price).

But if you are more inclined to enjoy the natural beauty of Singapore, you can walk through lush forests and catch breathtaking views from SkyTower or take a walk on one of Singapore’s most popular beaches at Siloso Beach. There is really something for everyone!


Visit S.E.A. Aquarium at Sentosa

One of those other things is visiting the S.E.A. Aquarium at Sentosa Island, an aquarium filled with marine life from all over the world. It is open every day and night, but you can only see the many species of colorful fish if you go during the day. The aquarium is open from 10am-7pm most days and tickets are $25 for adults, $17 for children 3-12 years old, and $20 for seniors. Sentosa Island is a resort island with beaches, water parks, and hotels so there are lots of other things to see.

Must-See - Underwater World Sentosa

Food and Fun at Clarke Quay

One place to visit that offers fun and feasting of all sorts is Clarke Quay. Clarke Quay and the Riverside area really offer a great variety. A main feature is the amazing variety of restaurants and after-dark nightlife. You will find cuisine from all over the world here, with a vibrant atmosphere against a backdrop of old Singapore.

It’s also just a great place to stroll and relax and watch people. As the name implies, it’s located along the Singapore River. You can also take a boat tour that brings you on a relaxing ride along the river to see historic bridges and landmarks.

Must-See Singapore - Clarke Quay

If you want more action, consider the G-Max Reverse Bungy ride. Adrenalin junkies can get launched at 200 km/h up to 60 feet in the air. Just don’t do it right after eating. 🙂 Onlookers (like me) can still enjoy watching the thrill seekers and the giant structure when it’s lit up at night. It’s open until late and costs $45 per person (S$35 for students).

You can walk off your big meal by visiting nearby Fort Canning Park, one of many fun and free things to do in Singapore.


Singapore For Fitness Lovers

For those who are interested in sports and fitness, Singapore has several outdoor fitness and sports facilities, including the Marina Bay Floating Stadium, which was built for sports like rowing and canoeing. There is also the Singapore Sports Hub which is a venue for a number of sporting events besides being a home ground for football teams like the national team as well as local teams.

Obviously there are also numerous indoor sports facilities and some golf courses. They are not all cheap but are definitely fun. There are also many ways to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors, like hiking trails and nature walks. A great one is the Forest Walk, an elevated walkway through the forests of Telok Blangah Hill.

Singapore Things To Do Outdoors - Elevated Walkway Forest Walk

The list of must-see Singapore attractions and activities is way longer than this. A person would have to visit many more times to really get close to seeing everything. Besides, the Lion City is changing all the time.

So, there’s really no way to get through all the great things to do in Singapore. And I guess everyone has a different “best of list” anyway. But the only way to know is to go and visit yourself. Let me know when you do!