About AJ Tobing

Halo! Hi there! My name is AJ Tobing. Welcome to Mondo AJ! I am an Indonesian woman, mother, writer (see below!) and adventurer.

AJ Tobing Backpacking

I have three amazing children and an exciting, unpredictable life. Like most of us, I have also experienced challenges and difficulties. But I have been blessed to meet some wonderful people and experience amazing things as well. I am also very fortunate that I’ve been able to travel to different cities and countries in Asia.

I was born and raised in Medan, North Sumatra, the third largest (but definitely first best ; ) city in Indonesia. And I can’t wait to share the great things my home town has to offer. I also want to promote the cultural riches of the Batak region (where my family comes from) of Indonesia.

But my work has also taken me elsewhere, so I bring my home with me in my heart as I explore Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the world beyond.

AJ Tobing - Light Ground

Traveling and exploring Asia (and beyond) has been a dream since I was a child, and now the dream is reality. I’ve discovered some useful and fun things along the way. And I travel on a tight budget (as I try to do with everything)! I’ll reveal the food, fun and fabulous things I discover in my travels, and how you can do the same without spending too much money.

Traveling to see new places and meet people with different perspectives is something everyone can and should do, regardless of their financial means or circumstances. Different people will define ‘living well’ differently, but we should all strive to experience as much in life as possible.

Mondo AJ is where I share my adventures, tips and tricks, and hopefully make new friends as well (with you!). You’re invited to follow me in my travels, and even come along! Keep in touch here and on social media!  —AJ Tobing


Coming To Our Senses, the 15th anthology of fiction and poetry from the Hong Kong Writers Circle is now available!
I am so very proud and happy to have worked with Becky Mitchell and Joy Al-Sofi, and contributed my short story, “More Than She Knew” to the 2019 Hong Kong Writers Circle anthology. Please support all the great writers in Coming To Our Senses by checking it out on Amazon or getting it in Hong Kong at any Bookazine location.

Coming To Our Senses, edited by Joy Al-Sofi, is a snapshot of Hong Kong; our writers present us with a feast of the senses, physical and otherwise, taking us down paths through a variety of mental landscapes, ideas and perspectives towards unexpected awakenings.
AJ Tobing at Hong Kong International Literary Festival