Travel & Living Well Go Hand in Hand

The idea of traveling to far off places was always a dream. It seemed to be something special and out of reach; something that only wealthy (or lucky) people could do. As I grew older, I began to realize that many things in life are hard to achieve, but that doesn’t mean they are out of reach.

Adventure For All

Traveling and discovering new places and people should be considered a right (not a privilege) for all people. It is certainly something very special, but it is something everyone can and should experience.

To ‘live well’ will mean different things to different people. But, just as we would not eat the same food over and over every day, we should strive to do new and different things in life; to travel and experience new places, people and ideas. A few years back there was promo campaign by Hong Kong’s home airline, Cathay Pacific. It suggested that “a life well traveled is a life well lived” and I believe this is very true.

Travel Tips & Tools

In addition to offering ideas for your next destination or adventure, I’ll be sharing my best tips for how to get more travel enjoyment at a lower cost. I’m a budget-minded woman but I have found that low cost travel doesn’t have to mean low quality.

A big part of budget management when traveling begins with good planning before you leave home! And a successful trip often comes from being well-prepared with the right travel apparel, accessories and equipment. Researching effectively and preparing well means you will be well-equipped but also means spending your time doing what you intended: enjoying new places and people.

Finding Yourself in Faraway Places

The other part of my mission and message here is, perhaps, the hardest to write about, but the most important. Travel and seeing more of the world has helped me discover myself and gain new perspectives on many things.

I have realized how different people and communities around the world are actually more alike than I knew. At the same time, travel has also exposed me to so many different and exciting experiences and ideas. In the process, I have grown and changed; I have found new aspects of myself.

Bali Tirta Gangga Royal Garden- AJ

This opportunity for self-discovery is available to all people, whether traveling far away or even to the next town.

This opportunity for self-discovery is available to all people, whether traveling far away or even to the next town. The important part is to keep an open mind and heart, and welcome new experiences. What discoveries have you made lately?