Affiliate Disclosure

My site, is supported, in part, by including affiliate referral links into my content. These links connect readers to the products and services I discuss. This means I may get paid a small referral commission — at no additional cost to you — if you purchase products or services through these links.

Good For You, Good For Me

Many content sites today (maybe most) include such referral links. The important thing to know is that you will not pay more because this is an affiliate link, whether on this site or anyone else’s. While prices for many products can vary across different retailers, the price to you should never be more than the current, at-large price because of this referral commission.

Actually, using affiliate links can sometimes save you money. This is because sites like mine sometimes get special discounts or intro deals for their readers that the seller does not offer their direct customers, so sometimes you can pay less than the ‘sticker price’.

Another benefit is that affiliate links allow me to not fill up the site with advertising like banner ads and text links to other random sites. This creates a better experience for you, my wonderful readers. seeks to create an entertaining, reliable and generally excellent source of information to help people learn and grow. This effort comes with costs, for site hosting and development as well as for the time taken to research and write this content. So, along with the detailed editorial, reviews and product or service comparisons I sometimes include these referral links to help offset those costs.

The Important Part

In summary, if you choose to make a purchase through a link on, you can assume that (at no additional cost to you) I may receive some compensation for that referral. I strongly suggest that you never spend money on products or services unless you are sure you can afford them. But if you do purchase through it would be greatly appreciated.

And if you do, please send me a message about it! I want to know that you had a good experience and, of course, I want to give you a big “Thank You” for helping to support the site.